Samsung gives a new definition of technology for 2020

 Televisions and smartphones with new features, functions, and experiences on another level are part of what the Korean tech giant is introducing for this year.


Samsung threw the house out of the window in 2020, if it wants to mark a pivotal milestone in tech history so far, they're getting there with all new products to be sold for the year. now on. 

The design and experience of new technology are what Samsung offers, behind the scenes of the functionality of its products, as it's all been refined to give its loyal buyers a real change. this century.

8K technology
Samsung's new 8K QLED TV will deliver three size slideshows, with the largest size being 89 inches. The coolest thing about this new TV is that its screen takes up 99% of the front area and is just 15mm thick.
It has six rear speakers, providing a completely different audio-visual experience.
This model has the most advanced artificial intelligence on the planet at the moment, surely paving the way for hundreds of expectations.

Galaxy Unpacked 2020
We talked about design and experience, which is why Samsung introduced among its new products for this year a premium folding phone.
The phone has an external display that lets you check the time, date and battery level.
· Certainly this phone also has other great mobile features such as quality of videos and pictures. However, the pattern thing is because many people have wanted to see a new folding phone version for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy S20
Undoubtedly, followers of this Korean brand have been waiting a long time for the continuation of the Galaxy and the much anticipated S11 version.
The material of this handset is the most attractive change of this new phone, as it will not be made of aluminum but stainless steel.
In addition, this new design features four rear cameras and one front camera, each with different characteristics, depending on the user's usage.
This phone will have 108 megapixels and Nona Binning or Re Mosaic technology.
This new version of the Galaxy will also feature a 12-megapixel super wide-angle camera with a 48-megapixel telephoto lens.
One of the most compelling features of this new Galaxy S20 is that it records videos using 8K technology, the same technology used for the new QLED TVs.

Samsung has not finished introducing all of this year's products, but given the type of technology in use, we will definitely talk about expensive products that are worth experiencing new technology.

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