Microsoft Viva, a new customer experience platform

 Microsoft introduced the employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva, that integrates tools for engagement, learning, healthcare, and knowledge discovery directly into people's workflows. Viva is designed to help employees learn, grow, and succeed, with new experiences built into the productivity and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.


Modules have integration capabilities
Microsoft Viva leverages the power of Teams and Microsoft 365 to unify employee experiences in four areas - interaction, health, learning, and insights - into one integrated experience that lets everyone strive. Do my best.

In that regard, Microsoft announced the first series of modules in Viva that will offer integration capabilities, provide integration from the robust and growing ecosystem of Viva partners, and deliver. a scalable platform that allows customers to integrate their existing staff experience systems and tools. Vi Viva to simplify employee access and discovery. The modules are:

Viva Connections
Provides a personalized portal to a digital workplace where employees can access internal company communications and resources, such as policies and benefits, and engage communities, such as groups of employees, from one customizable application in Microsoft Teams. The Connections app for Teams will be available for desktop in public preview in the first half of 2021, while the mobile app will be announced later this year.
Viva Insights
Provide people, managers, and directors with personalized and actionable insights to help them thrive within the organization. Personal insights and experiences, visible only to employees, help people make time for recurring vacations, work focus and study, as well as strengthen relationships with colleagues. Managers and directors can see trends across the group and organization and receive recommendations for better balance between productivity and well-being. These insights are generated from aggregated or undefined data to maintain everyone's privacy.
Additionally, the new dashboard allows organizations to link Glint feedback from LinkedIn to Viva Insights collaboration data so that managers can more accurately identify the challenges faced by the team. tweak business rules and then measure the impact of these changes over time.
In addition to complementing the organization's existing investments, Viva Insights has the ability to leverage data generated by third-party tools like Zoom, Slack, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. The Viva Insights app in Teams and the new Glint and Viva Insights dashboards are now available in the public preview.

Direct learning
Improve your ability to identify and access training and professional development opportunities in the workflow. It brings together all the learning resources available to an institution, including content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third parties like Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight and edX, and content libraries. With traditional institutions learning to micro-modeling content, users can find, share, assign and monitor many different courses as a natural part of their daily work. The Viva Learning app is now available in a private preview. And later this year, Viva Learning will integrate into leading learning management systems like Cornerstone OnDemand,

Viva Topics
Provides a knowledge discovery experience that helps people connect with company information and professionals. Because it uses AI to inference about customer Microsoft 365 data and has the ability to integrate insights from many third-party services like ServiceNow and Salesforce, Viva Topics automatically presents the subject tags. in conversations and documents in Microsoft 365 and Teams. Clicking a card will open a page with documents, videos, and people related to the topic. Viva Topics is now available as an add-on to the Microsoft 365 business plans.
For Josh Bersin, research analyst and accredited employee experience technology expert, Microsoft Viva is an innovative employee experience platform that opens up a new portfolio of software focused entirely on needs. employee's daily needs. "Viva will allow companies to integrate their fragmented work tools and incorporate them into the workflow," he concluded.

The global network of service partners, including Accenture, Avanade, PwC and EY, will provide consulting services to help customers optimize and unify their existing customer experience investments with Microsoft. Viva.

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