Huawei are starting to fail: They estimate they will sell 60% less mobile phones by 2021.

 Biden's rise as president of the United States appears to make changes in Huawei's situation in the face of that country's trade war with China, but the new administration has made it clear that there is no reason for Huawei. no veto. be maintained.


As a result, the Chinese manufacturer will continue to have difficulty making and selling their cell phones outside of China, and that has led them to make a single decision: they estimate that They will order 60% less components for smartphones, which will reduce the number of mobile phones they manufacture to about 80 million units by 2021. This figure contrasts with children number 189 million units to be distributed by 2020.

Huawei phones are affected more and more
The absence of Google apps and services on Huawei mobile phones has been a very important obstacle to its commercialization in the Western world, where millions of users depend on services. these are in their everyday lives and don't want to be deprived of them. 


The trade restrictions imposed by the United States have caused Huawei to drop to the third position among global smartphone manufacturers after Samsung and Apple, and it is expected that this year they will fall further. more.

In fact, the company has already informed its suppliers that they are planning to order enough components to produce between 70 and 80 million smartphones by 2021, which is less than that. 60% of the 189 million mobile phones sold by 2020.

At Huawei, they have tried to make some moves to avoid an even bigger drop: they sell their Honor division so that the veto doesn't affect those terminals and the Harmony OS. Their OS - nothing more than a fork of Android - seems to offer an alternative to Android, but for now it's not so obvious.

There are even rumors that Huawei may sell its mobile division, but the company's CEO, Ren Zhengfei, has pointed out that it will "never" go that route. The situation is still increasingly complicated for a producer that has been rocked by a veto which also shows no signs of being lifted.


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