AirPods Pro: Apple's more compact, waterproof, noise-proof headphones

 The Apple AirPods Pro are already available in stores worldwide and are undoubtedly one of the most anticipated headphones this year.

The AirPods Pro headphones don't have to be as catchy as the traditional AirPods, or at least that's what you would expect since they cost $ 249.

However, the AirPords Pro finally has Active Noise Removal which allows for better sound quality since outside noise doesn't affect the experience too much and these headphones are also safe. Since the sealed design is also part of that insulation, they need to provide good quality noise cancellation.

Similar to the new Beats Solo Pro, the AirPods Pro could have a transparent mode that lets you hear outside, which is helpful if someone is talking to you.

Even more interesting is the ultra-short, shorter vehicle than traditional AirPods, which detects pressure to let you activate that transparent mode without having to take your mobile phone out of your pocket and possibly even music controls.

AirPods Pro are also deeper integrated with the iPhone to create a new menu in Control Center that allows volume control, transparency mode, and noise cancellation.

Apple's hearing aids that include the H1 chip also allow the AirPods Pro to be instantly paired with an iPhone, and Siri detects your commands without pressing anything just by saying "Hey Siri."

Additionally, the integration with iOS 13 allows you to test your headphones to confirm if a setting is specified or if you need another silicone pad.

Apple says the AirPods Pro have up to 4.5 hours of battery life, and its longer carrying case will provide up to 24 hours of total usage.

The headphones are resistant to sweat and water, but the water is mostly splashed water and not submerged in pools or similar.

Based on early feedback, the AirPods Pro sound better than the AirPods and look a lot like the PowerBeats Pro, but they don't have the same quality or noise cancellation capabilities as the Sony 1000XM3.

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